Moira Dolan, MD, Author

In keeping with her goal of empowering the layperson in making healthcare choices, Dr. Moira Dolan educates people on how to preserve their rights and inform themselves fully of the risks and benefits of medications or medical treatment. And she does it all in plain, simple language.

In her written works, you’ll learn why you should question medical authorities to get the information you need to make informed decisions.

No Nonsense Guide To Surviving Your Medical Encounter

This straight-talking guide rapidly informs health care consumers how to get their medical providers to give them what they want and need, while avoiding getting what is not wanted, such as medication side effects, errors, and medical injuries. Order your free 38-page pdf today by filling out the Contact Form and entering “Free Guide” in the body of the message.

Boneheads & Brainiacs: Heroes and Scoundrels of the Nobel Prize in Medicine

Which Nobel laureates were Nazis, communists, war heroes or cowards? Who was a poet or a sci-fi author? Who was dead wrong, or ahead of his time? Who was generous or stingy, a cheater or a hero? This is a look beyond the ivory tower of academics to get the backstory of the individual and his culture, and the impact on society at the time and subsequently. 

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No-Nonsense Guides

Get an insider’s view on how to make the right choices when it comes to cholesterol medications, psychiatric medications, antibiotics and more.

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