Boneheads & Brainiacs Author Event Supports Independent Bookstores!

Boneheads & Brainiacs Author Event Supports Independent Bookstores!

These are tough times for bookstores and new book authors.

Boneheads & Brainiacs launched on March 10, 2020 after several months of robust presales. In the normal course of events, authors pitch bookstores for a shot at live promotion through in person author events, and just as a start I had 20 live events scheduled.

Then the lockdown happened.

These challenges called for creative solutions. Through the months of the pandemic, we have seen the growth of Bookshop, the independent bookstore alternative to amazon.

We have seen tremendous effectiveness of BINC Foundation (Book industry Charitable Foundation), whose core program provides assistance to employees and shop owners who have a demonstrated financial need arising from severe hardship and/or emergency circumstances.

I quickly sought out virtual author events, but there were a surprising few stores who were ready with this alternative. Yet the few that we held had attendance 2 to 3 times greater than what would have been expected in a live setting.

Many independent bookstore businesses were not equipped to adapt. Some were at a standstill, waiting for permission to re-open, others were overwhelmed with learning new technology, and some just gave up. Specifically, too many stores were not embracing virtual events.

But what could I do?

With the help of my brilliant publicist, Lisa Robinson, we devised a way to really help.

Instead of just asking a bookstore to promote me, we launched a campaign to promote the heck out of independent bookstores. Our campaign features one bookstore per event, wherein we take full responsibility for the technology end, and give the bookseller a platform to describe their shop, services, and special interests.

We trust that the ordinary customer wants to help, and we give them ways to do so. Our virtual events offer attendees incentives to prompt buying through the independent bookstore, and promote contributions to BINC, with additional donations from me for every book sold.

And I get to promote my book. Boneheads & Brainiacs: Heroes and Scoundrels of the Nobel Prize in Medicine, by Moira Dolan, MD (Linden Publishing, 2020) is a fun, nontechnical read that delves into the backstories of the diverse group of cranks, opportunists and geniuses that have won the world’s top recognition in medicine. Read more here.

So please join us online Friday, August 7th at 7 pm (CST) for an exciting discussion with Moira Dolan, MD author of Boneheads & Brainiacs: Heroes and Scoundrels of the Nobel Prize in Medicine and featuring Centuries and Sleuths Bookstore.

It is so easy! Click here to join us on Zoom.

You can support an independent bookstore by purchasing Boneheads and Brainiacs here.

Bonus Features:

  • Join August 7th, 2020 at 7 pm us for a chance to win a signed copy of Boneheads & Brainiacs.
  • Register for a free download of Dr. Dolan’s e-booklet No Nonsense Guide to Surviving your Medical Encounters.
  • For every purchase of Boneheads & Brainiacs Centuries & Sleuths, Dr. Dolan will donate directly to the indie bookstore charity BINC.

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