Bonus podcast interview with author Dr. Moira Dolan

Bonus podcast interview with author Dr. Moira Dolan

Learn how recent history teaches the need for healthy skepticism in this podcast, featuring amazing stories from Boneheads & Brainiacs.

This week’s 5-Minute Biographies podcast features a bonus 35-minute interview with me, delving into the best and the worst among heroes and scoundrels of the Nobel Prize in medicine.

Who started the Nobel tradition of cheating ones’ research partners?

Which Nobel winner advised the use of gas chambers to rid society of ‘undesirables’?

Who was a war hero that advanced the use of radar in WWII,

the very same as the exercise research pioneer who did it ‘just for fun’?

Which of the several prize-wining neuroscientists bucked the scientific trend of reducing humankind down to mere mechanics?

5-Minute Biographies by Wayne Armstrong from the UK brings you the fascinating stories of everyone from Anne Boleyn to Che Guevara.

There were just too many weird and wonderful characters in Boneheads & Brainiacs to squeeze into the usual 5-minute format.

Enjoy! I encourage you to subscribe to 5-Minute Biographies!

Moira Dolan, MD

P.S. Read more about healthy skepticism here.

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