Books by Moira Dolan, M.D.

In her books, Dr. Moira Dolan objectively provides readers with the facts they need to make fully informed healthcare choices. She also provides a fascinating behind-the-scenes look into the medical industry.

Boneheads & Brainiacs: Heroes and Scoundrels of the Nobel Prize in Medicine

Were Nobel Prize winners always the brilliant scholars they appeared to be? Dr. Dolan provides the surprising, if not shocking, stories of  those individuals behind the most valuable—and the most devastating—advancements in medical history.

Boneheads and Brainiacs book

No-Nonsense Guides

In objective layperson’s language, Dr. Dolan educates her readers on the benefits and pitfalls of common medications such as statins, psychiatric medications and antibiotics. The No-Nonsense Guides empower readers to accurately make the best choices for their own healthcare and for the ones they love.

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