No-Nonsense Guides

FREE: No Nonsense Guide To Surviving Your Medical Encounter

This straight-talking guide rapidly informs health care consumers how to get their medical providers to give them what they want and need, while avoiding getting what is not wanted, such as medication side effects, errors, and medical injuries. Order your free 38-page pdf today by filling out the Contact Form and entering “Free Guide” in the body of the message.

No Nonsense Guide Books

Dr. Dolan brings common sense and an objective analysis of the medical industry to her No-Nonsense Guides. These three easy-to-read books have one major purpose: to educate readers so they can make truly informed healthcare decisions. For instance, are you aware of:

  • The effects of lowering cholesterol on the risk of cancer, dementia and death?
  • The reason for brain fog, strange moods or suicidal thinking while on prescription medication?
  • How misuse of antibiotics can be deadly?

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